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Resistance Welding Machinery

The trained field and inside sales personnel at RMSA, Inc. are prepared to assist you. We welcome the opportunity to quote your requirements and will remain available to answer all of your resistance welding questions. From machinery to consumables,
we have them all.

DN 55/100 Press and Rocker Type Welder

Our Press and Rocker Type Welders are versatile machines. The DN-100 can operate as a spot welder (using 1' diameter holders) or as a projection welder (using platens to position tools). The lower platen can be raised to accommodate various tool sizes. This welder is versatile and can easily be adapted to weld projection nuts or projection studs. (Tooling for studs/nuts projection welding is optional and quoted separately).

 Rocker Type Welder

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 Rocker Type Welder

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Linear Spot Welding Machine DN-55

Detailed Information
Linear Spot Welding Machine DN-55

Detailed Information

Welding Controls

The Entron EN6001 Constant Current weld control for resistance welding meets the needs of modern manufacturing. It improves on Entron's popular workhorse, the EN1000, with a more intuitive interface for easier programming and better operator feedback. The Entron EN6001 is also available as a retrofit kit to replace the faceplate and internals of an existing EN1000. Read more about EN6001.

Weld Control Retrofit Kit Video | EN6001 EZ Weld Video

EN6001 Retrofit Kit

Water Chillers (2 Ton J Series)

This compact indoor chiller features an air-cooled design with a durable, maintenance-free stainless cabinet and all non-ferrous components. Offering reliable control of process fluids from 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit, most models need no special wiring. This is truly a plug and play design.

Vertical Type Butt Welder

Flash Butt and Butt Welders

Contact RMSA, Inc. for flash butt and butt welders.

Electrode Dressers

Dress worn electrode tips quickly, easily, and economically. This product assures uniform welds and extended life.

Mesh Welding Systems and Stand-Alone Machines

Mesh welding systems and stand-alone machines are available from RMSA Inc. Contact us with your request. Please include the size of the wire, mesh size, level of automation (manual systems are available), production rate, etc., to obtain a detailed quote.

Portable Welders

Our portable welders are designed for industrial use and constructed with a rugged steel frame. It includes a water-cooled transformer, arms, electrode holders, and electrodes. Read more...

Portable Welder

3 Phase & Mid Frequency DC Welders

3 Phase & Mid Frequency DC Welder

3 Phase & Mid Frequency DC Welder